Advanced Rules Package

Get instant value and a significant boost in shipping and receiving productivity

Warehouses can benefit greatly from system directed picking and put away. Based on multiple parameters of incoming material, picking / put-away rules can determine best locator to put-away product or best locator from which to pick product. Picking / Put-away rules can be designed to enforce FIFO, minimize item fragmentation, maximize storage density and infinite other business objectives.


As part of the advanced rules package, Inyxa team will conduct a series of interviews with warehouse personnel to:

  • Determine product categories and locator zones.
  • Design a custom capacity function that can model the storage requirement.
  • Create rules and strategies for each product category to achieve warehouse picking and putaway requirements.
  • Inyxa’s team of WMS Rules experts have capability in adding new elements to the rules package, creating complex expression rules as well as creating completely custom rules packages.


With this solution, you get instant value and a significant boost in shipping and receiving productivity. Key benefits include:

  • Minimize performance impact of rules, by designing more targeted picking / put-away strategies, thereby minimizing number of rules system has to consider.
  • Avoid common capacity bugs, like the Empty flag bug that are hard to detect, and cause unwanted results or data corruption in certain conditions.
  • Model complex business rules like non-dedicated pick faces, and storage selection based on receiving plan for entire week or month vs. just what’s in stock.

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