Reduce manufacturing costs

Improve warehouse productivity

Increase supply chain visibility

With an increased focus on supply chain management, including speed to deliver, order efficiency, and customer satisfaction, organizations today are contemplating increased investment in warehouse automation now more than ever. Operations are facing increased pressure to cut lead times, maximize productivity, manage labor challenges, and keep up with evolving quality standards to meet the demands of the consumer and stay ahead of the competition. Manual processes including common warehousing tasks and manufacturing collection plans are being replaced by robotics, automated material handling systems, warehouse management systems, manufacturing execution systems, and other technology.

Many questions arise on where and what to invest in and how to maximize the investment of automation. An increasingly common solution is to integrate these systems together to provide even greater efficiency gains, better visibility and controls, and more accurate, real-time data to use for strategic decision making and competitive advantages.

Automation integration solutions are a key focus at Inyxa. Connecting disparate systems together is a complex challenge our customers choose not to face alone. Our methodology is simple and effective. We architect a solution based on your business requirements that generate optimal efficiency gains through a combination of existing architecture and modern technology. With depth of experience in Automated Material Handling Systems, Warehouse Management and Control Systems, IoT Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and various ERPs, Inyxa is uniquely positioned to lead and deliver  on a wide variety of supply chain automation integration projects tailored to your needs.

“… Most impressively, Inyxa built us a Warehouse Execution System for bridging communications between Stemilt’s new Distribution Center ASRS and our ERP system. This allowed for a single application to control our entire shipping execution process, taking all of the complications out of the users’ hands.  Inyxa’s development team also created custom mobile forms to support the new processes that came with operating an ASRS.”

Mike Lowell, Development Manager, Stemilt Growers

Examples of Our Work

  • Integration of Sortation equipment with Wave & Pick processes

  • WMS Integration with Packing & Labeling Systems

  • Warehouse Execution System with ASRS, Carousel, Scale and Warehouse Control System integration

  • Warehouse Execution System including WMS integration with Pallet ASRS and Goods-to-Man System

  • Optimization of Automated Material Handling System for Case Picking with WMS integration

  • End of line packing integration with Automated Material Handling

  • Outbound Wave Release Dashboard with ASRS, Sortation equipment, and WMS integration