Case Picking Solution

Speed up your case picking without incurring significant expenditure on conveyors

Businesses that process a large number of case picks, potentially for shipping through a parcel carrier like UPS, Fedex, USPS etc. need an efficient process to pick, label & ship a large number of packages.

In certain cases, existing parcel manifest stations need to be leveraged, or the shipping process calls for identifying opportunities for banding of two or more boxes going to the same destination to save transportation costs.


  • The solution provides maximum benefit for customers that use the same warehouse for picking LTL / TL and parcel shipments and do not have significant investment in conveyors for their parcel pick line.

  • The key tenant is to divide Case picks in a pick wave into pallet loads & assign each pallet load a unique pick slip. Care is taken so that no single sales order is divided across more than one pallet.

  • A custom PARCEL DROP ALL screen allows picker to drop all picked product to the processing line. A pallet report is printed that identifies all banding opportunities on the orders picked for the processor.


This solution speeds up your case picking without incurring significant expenditure on conveyors. Key benefits include:

  • Streamlined picking of product and moving it to the parcel processing line.
  • Reduces paper. Parcel pickers don’t need any pick slip or documentation. Each time they accept next task, a pallet full of lines is dispatched to the picker. After one pallet of product has been picked, MWA directs user to drop product before beginning next load.
  • Banding opportunities are identified by the system presented to parcel processor when pallet is dropped for processing.

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