Inyxa at Manifest 2022

Inyxa @ Manifest 2022: EasyPick Showcase at the Future of Logistics

The world has certainly changed since our last show at Modex, March 2020. Nevermore has supply chain topics been at the forefront as they are today. From common household items and medical supplies, to semiconductors and microcomputers, disruptions and delays have made a major impact across our global economy, throughout our health care system, and right into our homes. This is all without getting into the deep sadness we continue to feel for all the lives lost and families forever changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under that backdrop, our team at Inyxa couldn’t have been more excited for a sense of normalcy –exhibiting Inyxa EasyPick in Las Vegas at Manifest 2022 last week. Hunkered down at our booth among some of the top supply chain technology companies in the world, we felt right at home. It was great to meet up with old friends and partners including BCI, Swisslog and Proship, while starting new conversations with folks from Alix Partners, Enveyo, and others in the supply chain tech space.

What truly stood out though, was a near universal appreciation and regard for EasyPick. We had a hands-on demonstration showcasing how our software can drive mobile order fulfillment in an end-to-end capacity from receiving to picking, packing, labeling, and manifesting – all with various mobile devices running EasyPick. Set among many of the top 3PLs and logistics providers, we were able to share our solution with these fellow exhibitors and supply chain gurus offering valuable insights while showing genuine interest. We look forward to maintaining this positive momentum, feeling well-positioned to capitalize in this growing market anchored by our strong customer base. Onward and upward.