Custom software development services for Enterprise applications and system integrations

Enterprise Applications are complex interconnected business systems that require extensive planning and execution to satisfy a wide variety of critical business requirements and must work seamlessly with existing systems and processes. Add to that the complexities of selecting the right enterprise application development platforms, managing UI, business user participation and API integrations, and you have a complex project that requires an experienced team to ensure execution of the project vision.

Most businesses do not have the right combination of skills in their in-house teams to develop such complex applications. In such cases, it is important to partner with experienced teams that have successfully created and deployed enterprise applications in the past.

The Expertise that makes it possible

From concept to design to development to deployment, Inyxa’s team follows a rigorous discipline of software engineering principles to design, build & test complex test scenarios for all software, customizations and integrations built by us. Our team of experienced developers can assist you with building new enterprise applications or enhance existing applications or integrate with any 3rd-party applications or hardware.

We offer cutting edge software design & collaboration tools that allow a collaborative design & build process, with constant visibility and feedback from all stakeholders. Customers have complete visibility into their projects through a variety of tools for managing source control, bug-tracking and real-time project and task visibility.

Several of our application development projects are built, deployed and supported using the Inyxa ConneX platform, which is a secure rapid development platform with a library of pre-built components.  Over 10 years in the making, the Inyxa ConneX platform has dozens of live applications across many industries.  These applications are built, deployed & supported by Inyxa and typically include a nominal platform licensing fee.

Our Development Services