Developing Innovative Solutions for the Hi-Tech Industry

Today’s leading Hi-Tech companies are making cutting edge products that are quite literally changing the way we live. From smartphones, laptops and TVs, to drones and robotics, microchips and networking equipment, our expectations as consumers, both professionally and personally, are to be “wowed” combining a user-friendly experience with unlimited features and benefits. Behind the creativity and complexity of this revolutionary industry is a unique and difficult supply chain. Global geopolitical pressures, consumer expectations, seasonal volatility, manufacturing quality and operational costs are just a few  challenges the Hi-Tech industry is facing. New high-tech products have influenced all sorts of market expectations in terms of quality and service for the consumer,  and the supply chain is tasked with delivering on those expectations.

Hi-Tech products continue to evolve, and operations from manufacturing to warehousing and logistics are tasked with keeping up with this rapidly changing industry. Companies are under massive pressure to manufacture high quality products, at the right price, and deliver on customer demands. For this, it is necessary to address all aspects of the supply chain, where to execute on process change, build more reliable supply networks, and how to use technology to optimize productivity and quality. Hi-Tech companies that are focused on both innovative products and an efficient supply chain will be able to withstand economic and consumer fluctuations and other unforeseen challenges, providing stability and long term growth opportunities.

It is important for supply chain stakeholders be aware of the opportunities a reliable, niche partner like Inyxa, can offer. A reliable partnership with Inxya can positively impact global operations, from planning and forecasting, to manufacturing and quality, to warehousing and distribution, we are here every step of the way to deliver solutions that address your challenges.

Examples of Our Work

  • Gain insights into your global supplier relationships and automate the periodic collection of BOM costs, Manufacturer Part number, regulatory compliance & country of origin information for purchased assemblies and products.

  • Simplify tracking of quality & manufacturing records, and react to variances quicker using Inyxa’s Manufacturing Data Capture solutions.

  • System-directed packing & SSCC (Serialized Shipping Container Code) labeling to meet customer and industry mandates.