Manufacturing a Solution for a Better Tomorrow

Industrial manufacturers and automotive parts suppliers today are challenged with requirements that are proving increasingly difficult to manage. Labor productivity,  operational costs, and compliance concerns provide major risks to companies bottom line and reputation. The globalization of manufacturing today comes with greater competitive and commercial advantages; however, its administration is full of challenges.

Effective supply chains must not only meet the demands of today’s customers and partners, but limit risk, and maximize growth potential. Ensuring that the right part gets to the right location, at the right time, is a challenge for any manufacturer. Having a keen sense of your supply chain, from maximizing supplier partnerships to capturing internal operational efficiencies, all through visibility, collaboration, and control can be invaluable. Managing these processes in a proactive way is a huge challenge and utilizing proper supply chain solutions can help make your operations accelerated, secure, and resilient.

Inyxa team members are experts in the Industrial Manufacturing and Automotive Parts space, for years delivering solutions unique to parts suppliers and other manufacturers. We lead with operational expertise and best practices, delivering projects modernizing the way our customers do business. Our approach to building our partnerships are through patience, flexibility, and transparency. We understand that our customer needs more than a well-timed project, they need a partner that knows their business they can rely on.

“I was most impressed with Inyxa’s knowledge of WMS and our ERP functions in general.  They have a unique ability to fine tune our user requirements, then provide implementation options during system design.  In addition, it’s evident they realize each company is different when it comes to budget, needs, capabilities, and goals. Knowing that, Inyxa is able to provide the flexibility needed for a project to be successful.”

Chris Ryman, Sr. Specialist IT, Toyota Boshoku America

Examples of Our Work

  • An intelligent and configurable Pallet Building System that significantly improves the picking workflow, order accuracy and transaction speed.

  • Simplify labeling burden by pushing web-based labeling capabilities to your suppliers, reducing re-labeling efforts in your manufacturing & distribution centers.

  • Real-Time Distribution Center Signage that provides visibility into receiving, worker productivity, dock management, trailer load and other functions.