Manufacturing Data Capture

A best-in-class “smart manufacturing” solution that enhances Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing and Quality capabilities

Effortless capture of Manufacturing Data at its source can bring many benefits to your business. Yield rates & deviations can be measured in real-time. Corrective action can be taken more rapidly thereby reducing wastage & reducing costs. Data entry can be validated at source to ensure accuracy, and predictive trend analysis can be conducted to predict future failures.

For customers using Oracle’s E-Business Suite, Oracle Quality provides an enterprise wide repository which can store, analyze & audit all Quality data. The problem lies in an effective mechanism to enter large amounts of machine & operator generated data into the system, and to provide an effective review, approval & corrective action system for deviations.

Behind the scenes, the solution is flexible enough to integrate with any ERP or database of choice and not just limited to Oracle E-Business Suite.

Operator, Inspector & Supervisor user interfaces for Oracle Quality

A touch-screen interface to efficiently capture and validate data from various sources and post it to Oracle Quality.


  • Segmentation of Quality Elements for efficient Capture
    • One time entry for Shift Data. (Data related to instruments or ambient conditions that is fairly static)
    • Operator Data can be configured as Run-In & Run-Out where one Quality Entry is composed of two readings, or as RUN only, where one Quality Entry is composed of a single reading.
    • Inspector interface supports four types of inspections for Startup, In Process, In-Process Final & Final. Ability to configure what elements are accepted at each stage of inspection.
  • Validated input
    • Configurable validation on Quality Elements. Validation from Specs or directly from your Product Information Management System/li>
  • Supervisor Approval & Monitoring by Department
    • Ability to monitor Operator & Inspector data entry.
    • Sample Size based or Discrepancy based approval.
    • Monitor Operator Time & ability to force logoff operators
    • Instant messaging ability between Supervisor, Inspectors & Operators
  • WIP Transaction & Machine, Resource Time Logging
    • Transact Common WIP actions like Move, Issue, Complete & Scrap from within the user interface
    • Ability to log time against jobs with a start / stop time entry.
  • Visibility
    • Per machine dashboards displaying status, yield, AQL & other results