Full visibility & tracking of your supplier costs in one place

Gain insight into your suppliers & relationships

Rather than relying on data stored in different systems & locations, use MDM as a single platform and system for supplier information along with your critical internal data

Accurately track & control all your supplier costs

Connect warehouse and inventory management systems to remove data discrepancies, reduce data maintenance and ensure data timeliness and accuracy

Drive compliance with regulations & internal controls

Address compliance challenges by providing a single, trusted source for the entire business. Gain a more accurate view of supplier information, improve response to demand, reduce risk and enhance customer satisfaction

 Quality Supplier Data

 The system is designed to help integrate multiple systems to deliver accurate, timely data across the organization. Keep up with upstream suppliers & downstream distributors while staying one step ahead of customer demands and the competition.

Consolidate your suppliers’ data under one platform

Flexible MDM Upload Formats

                  • Configurable Excel & XML upload template
                  • Universal compatibility for all supplier templates
                  • Support for Assembly, Component & BOM Revisions

Error Correction Capabilities

                  • Offline store & forward capability to handle intermittent internet connections
                  • Capability for Partial Load with onscreen connections
                  • Extraction and analysis of supplier data

Multi-level Collaboration

                  • Ability for suppliers to request data from their suppliers
                  • Segmented view
                  • Hierarchical or Flattened BOMs
                  • Gain insight into supplier cost changes

PDM Connector

                  • BOMs can be created or edited manually through PDM interfaces
                  • Hierarchical BOMs from any PDM systems to keep all relationships intact
                  • Integrate with PLM, ERP, PDM systems
                  • Comply with Industry mandates: ROHS, CE Mark, GMO Labeling, Country of Origin Requirements