Oracle WMS Mobile Enhancements

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Warehouse Management (WMS) allows companies to effectively track and manage material in manufacturing, warehousing, and order fulfillment operations. In addition, Oracle WMS includes intelligent system-directed movement of material to maximize efficiency in labor activity and warehouse space. It also introduces the concept of license plate numbers (LPNs) to greatly improve traceability and lot management while decreasing the number of scans on a carton, pallet, or order.

Oracle WMS, while designed “out-of-the-box” effectively enough for all industries and products, offers a key benefit in its configurable and flexible architecture. These systems can therefore be specifically designed and implemented to meet complex business requirements for any industry, product, order type, and volume as necessary. For this primary reason, along with decades of maturity across the globe, Oracle Warehouse Management is one of the top WMS systems available AND for any current Oracle EBS customer, there is absolutely no better WMS system on the market.

The key variable in having a successful outcome with your Oracle WMS implementation, is finding the right partner to guide you and design a system that is led by your business with your operational complexities top of mind.

Since 2008, Inyxa has been successfully implementing Oracle WMS, and WMS-related supply chain solutions, in Life Sciences, Retail, Hi-Tech, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, and CPG industries worldwide. A key differentiator in our success is our ability to incorporate WMS Mobile Enhancements to meet the demands of our customers’ requirements – essential and integral to any WMS implementation.

Why Inyxa’s WMS Mobile Enhancements?

In a typical Inyxa-led WMS implementation, 80-90%% of Oracle WMS can be implemented out-of-the-box. It’s the 10%-20% of the vital processes, extremely common and often industry-specific transactions our customers rely on us for. These are significant, day-to-day business processes that we focus on as “enhancement targets” to optimize as part of a WMS implementation or an individualized solution. Inyxa offers an extensive library of these enhanced mobile forms to simplify transactions and incorporate more efficient processes for our customers.

High Level Architecture

Our forms are fully integrated into Oracle WMS, with no extra software or middleware to install or license to maintain. They are built from the ground up using Java, working with all of Oracle’s standard mobile WMS interfaces, including Telnet, Java UI, and Android/iOS UI. We use the term “enhancement” or “extension” as our forms are NOT customizations. We don’t touch Oracle’s underlying code base. Inyxa’s forms are 100% upgradeable and sit right on top of your existing applications.

A Few Examples

Inyxa offers WMS Mobile Enhancements across all major WMS tasks, including Inbound, Picking, Packing, Shipping, Manufacturing, and Warehousing functions, including industry-specific forms.

And 100+ other examples..

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