Pallet Building Solution

Pick mixed pallets more accurately in lesser time

Many businesses ship a significant number of mixed item pallets, or need to build pallets to customer specifications of height and weight. A system directed method of determining what product to put in what pallet, and how much product to put on each pallet can provide significant productivity gains.


  • This solution enables capture of packaging information for each item that the warehouse handles, including box size, dimensions etc. Quick Code Parameters also capture target pallet height & weight for all customers, and for specific customers.

  • Post pick release, a concurrent program combines this packaging information with lines that have been picked, intelligently packs product into pallets, then sets the picking order so that tasks are suggested in a logical order to build a shippable pallet.

  • Lastly, a shipping label is printed for each pallet instead of a pick slip for the order. A large mixed order may consist of multiple shipping labels, with pick by label LPNs. Picker scans the LPN and is directed in sequence to all picking tasks to build the pallet.


With this solution, you can pick mixed pallets more accurately in lesser time. Key benefits include:

  • Picking process speeds up, as product needs to be handled only once instead of multiple times for picking, consolidation and packing / pallet building.
  • Extra space is no longer required for consolidation / repacking in front of warehouse.
  • Ability to process large, multi-pallet orders in parallel by handing out pallet labels to multiple pickers.
  • System enforces compliance to customer specific pallet packing rules (like pallet height or no. of items in a pallet).

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