Project Description

Automating Distribution at a Generic Drug Manufacturer

Customer Profile:

A large manufacturer & distributor of generic pharmaceuticals with global manufacturing & distribution centers.

E-Business Suite (EBS) user with Process Manufacturing

Hundreds of product families & individual product packages


Existing manual processes unable to keep up with increasing distribution volumes

Industry move towards Track & Trace (ePedigree) not supported by existing distribution processes

Customers’ demands for ASNs with lot and carton-level tracking cumbersome through manual efforts


Oracle WMS implemented across 3 business units with different requirements configured for each.

Integration with labeling & manifesting solutions

WMS mobile extension for Rapid packing at receipt and for pack verification at time of shipment

ePedigree support to allow tracking of Carton-level Serialized Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) from suppliers through distributors to end shipment to customers


Substantial improvement in overall warehouse productivity through elimination of manual processes

Elimination in Manual processes used for assigning workload & tasks to pickers.

Improvement in transaction accuracy leading to minimal customer complaints

Compliance with Track & Trace mandate for tracking product at a Serialized Shipping Carton Level