Project Description

Complex WMS Wave Execution at a large CPG distribution center with Sorter & ASRS picking

Case Study featured at OpenWorld & Oracle

With Oracle E-Business suite as the system of record for Sales Orders & Inventory, PF needed an effective process to move material through its newly built central distribution center.  Tasks in Warehouse Management needed to be integrated with work released to Sorter & ASRS (Goods to Man) Systems.  Furthermore, the fact that PF ships directly to end-customers – for both small & large orders – an efficient system was required for building mixed pallets at the Central Distribution Center, and a process for de-constructing these pallets at Pool points for loading onto additional trucks headed to end-customer delivery routes.

Customer Profile:

Founded in 1903, Productos Fernández S.A. (PF) is a large meat production company processing & marketing Fresh & frozen foods, headquartered in the Maule region of Chile. The company employs 1,800 workers who make 70,000 tons of meat products every year.

Four manufacturing plants and 13 distribution centers, occupying more than 70,000 square meters with over 230 truckloads departing daily

New distribution center with multiple picking zones, levels, and staging lanes with Intelligrated Sorter

Goals & Challenges:

Effectively handle picking & shipping of variable weight product in R12.1

Integrate picking & put-away processes with extensive Conveyance & Sortation Equipment.

Integrated with Pallet ASRS & Case ASRS for picking & put-away of Frozen product.

Manage wave release & optimize utilization of Sorter output lanes, staging lanes & dock Doors. Provide real time visibility into trucks being picked at all times.

Systematically consolidate pallets from various locations in the warehouse, and ensure that they are loaded into the correct trucks.


Order, Wave Release & Visibility workbench that provides a unified view of all outbound activity and integrates with Automation Equipment.  Synchronizes human-machine interaction.

Mobile Extensions to simplify & automate transaction flow.

Pick & Pass for Variable weight product.

Cluster Picking & Bulk picking for manual warehouses.

ASRS picking, Packing & Truck Loading mobile extensions.

WMS rules to optimize directed picking & directed put-away tasks.

Ability to personalize, extend & integrate various aspects of the solution without impacting patching and maintenance.


Improved profitability and reduced operational costs

Enhanced visibility, and increased efficiency of inventory and shipments with real-time tracking and validation of consumer-packaged meat products.

Able to handle high shipment volumes

Ability to model multiple picking processes for different product types & facility types