Project Description

Master Data Management (MDM) System: Increasing Supplier Compliance while Reducing Costs

Global Industrial Manufacturer

Customer is a global manufacturer of computer equipment and software products with headquarters in North America and facilities all over the world. They manufacture an estimated 50% of their products in China, with the remaining production outsourced to contract manufacturers and other partners. Their current ERP is Oracle E-Business Suite, version 12.2.X.

The Challenge

Customer wanted to have complete visibility of all product costs and other related Bill of Materials (BOM) information for items manufactured throughout their manufacturing network. Historically, the challenge has been the lack of a reliable communication mechanism between customer and their suppliers, including very little to manage product costs and BOM information, with few controls in place to manage the relationship.

The current process lacks visibility across suppliers’ true costs, as well as across common parts used by different customer suppliers.  The mode of communication has historically been a highly manual, email-driven model, resulting in inaccurate and incomplete supplier data, with a slow and unreliable collections process.

Customer’s goal was to have a better solution that will ultimately drive down manufacturing costs while increasing supplier compliance and reporting capabilities.

The Solution

Customer engaged with Inyxa, intrigued by our flexible and easy-to-use Master Data Management (MDM) Solution, with the opportunity to extend the system to meet their requirements.

Key features included:

  • Flexibility to support any file format when uploading supplier costs and manufacturing data
  • Easy process for suppliers to update costs and manufacturing information
  • An automated calendar-driven collection plan to process, define, schedule, and monitor collection plans
  • Cost updates are automatically requested following Supplier BOM upload cycles
  • Automated notification system whenever costs and BOMs are uploaded and updated
  • Manufacturing Part Numbers and other manufacturer data is automatically requested following BOM upload cycles
  • Built-in SKU management report providing a mapping table to cross-reference customer SKU numbers and Supplier’s SKU numbers
  • Built-in reporting and dashboard providing analytics and data visualization
  • Event log messaging system
  • Cloud-based system

The Results

Following a smooth implementation, Customer has rolled-out Inyxa’s MDM Solution across its supply base in Asia. The system currently has over 20 suppliers onboard, with the majority having unique file formats. Future plans are in the works to add additional suppliers into the system as the supplier list evolves.

  • Collecting BOMs from suppliers has become much more efficient and automated
  • Supplier data is accurate and provided to Customer on-time
  • Customer and their suppliers are able to maintain data accuracy and retrieve BOM-related information in real-time
  • Visibility into true supplier costs can be reviewed with built-in Cost Comparison Reports
  • Reliable communication between Customer and suppliers through real-time notifications and event log system

“We recently worked with Inyxa on a project related to Finished Goods Supplier MDM management.  Inyxa provided a great service and support; they are helpful, detailed, and motivated to make their customers successful. I have found the team at Inyxa to be skilled, and very knowledgeable.

In particular, it has been a pleasure to work with Vishal who seems to be expert in all things MDM. Thank you Inyxa.”

-Principal Project Manager