Project Description

WMS Re-implementation & Pallet Building Solution

Customer Profile:

A global industrial manufacturer of commercial & industrial motors, generators & mechanical motion control products. Company is headquartered in the Midwest (US) with operations across North America, Europe & Asia.

• Oracle E-Business Suite • Warehouse Management (WMS) • Mobile Supply Chain (MSCA) • Inventory • Purchasing • Order Management • Third-Party Transportation Management System



Significant productivity drop after initial WMS implementation & performance gains promised on system stabilization never materialized requiring disproportionate IT support & significant overtime

System unable to determine locator capacity resulting in no directed put-away

Improve productivity of company’s largest warehousing facility.

Create a global solution that can be leveraged across geographies & divisions.

Address complex product mix, track packaging code from receipt to shipping & integrate with third-party transportation system for optimized freight movement from factory to end customer.


Extensive WMS put-away rules that direct product to optimal storage locator.

MSCA mobile extensions to allow visibility and tracking of packaging code throughout the warehouse.

A Parcel Picking extension that optimizes picking of small pack product for shipment by UPS & Fedex.

A Pallet building & Cartonization extension that gets triggered by Pick Release, and palletizes product based on dimensions, weight, volume and customer specific requirements of product being picked.


50% reduction in keystrokes necessary for receiving & shipping product resulting in a substantial improvement in overall warehouse productivity.

Elimination in Manual processes used for assigning workload & tasks to pickers.

Improvement in Inventory Accuracy through implementation of Directed Put-away rules.