Efficiently capture & validate all your operator generated data under one screen

A holistic solution that provides full visibility into your manufacturing data can ensure great benefits targeting the growth of your business. However, in our modern world, manual approaches are still being utilized in various companies where stakeholders are afraid of change due the familiar daily approach. At the end of the day, these manual approaches are extremely unreliable and inaccurate which hurt efficiency as a whole operation. In addition, collaboration also affects the organization when using traditional methods, negatively impacting the organization when a expert on the method retires or changes roles.

Effortless capture of Real Time Production Tracking at its source can bring many benefits to your business. Yield rates & deviations can be measured in real-time, corrective action can be taken more rapidly thereby reducing wastage & reducing costs. In addition, data entry can be validated at source to ensure accuracy, and predictive trend analysis that can be conducted to predict future failures.

The issue arises when trying to find an effective mechanism to enter large amounts of machine and operator generated into the system. At the same time, it is vital that this methodology provides an effective review, and captures approvals with a corrective action plan for deviations. At Inyxa, we have the solution.

A rapid response & fix to production discrepancies 

      • Real-time Manufacturing Data capture, inspection and supervision under a single touch-screen application

      • Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and decrease waste on the shop floor

      • Eliminate all manual worksheets to enter collection plans and quality data on the shop floor

      • Solve challenges related to production, order discrepancies, and inefficiencies  – quality, labor, waste