Real-Time Signage

Drive Operational Efficiency through Browser-based Data-driven Signage

Are you still manually updating white boards with markers at the end of each day or manually refreshing reports to get the desired data? Instead, imagine a digital screen in your warehouse indicating in real-time how many pallets are pending put-away or a continuously updating dashboard on the percentage of work completed in a shift compared to the total work that needs to be done in a day or even a display of your most efficient pickers.

Most business intelligence products today analyze the data for an operation or process after the process is completed. While that provides great analytics after-the-fact, there is tremendous value to be gained from real-time signage in a manufacturing or distribution environment.

Instead of generating performance reports days or hours later, this solution allows you to act immediately on performance metrics. Availability of instant performance feedback also enhances employee performance and boosts overall operations.

Key Features:

Real-Time Signage offers several features that can benefit businesses including:

  • Database agnostic, Integrate with any ERP.

  • Remote Management of Screens – “Push” signage to unlimited number of screens in your organization, all from the comfort of your desk

  • OS Independent – Run on Windows, Linux or Mac browsers.

  • Signage can be deployed to virtually unlimited number of screens

  • All screens update in real-time based on data updates from data source

  • Zero footprint on your ERP or database infrastructure

  • Leverages HTML5 and AJAX technologies to provide very fast load and response times along with an interactive look and feel.

Easy to use Query & Dashboard Builders

  • Create queries directly from a web browser without any additional software or plugins

  • Visualize query data as table or chart widgets

  • Combine multiple widgets into each dashboard

  • Combine multiple dashboards into schedules that load & refresh in a continuous loop

  • Supports multiple chart types including bar, stacked bar, pie, meter & line

  • Customize tabular data font size, type & alignment to fit the output screen size

  • Combine data from disparate transactional, legacy or analytical systems into a single dashboard

Tight Integration with Oracle & SQL Server

  • Quick setup with just a database connection string and User account to get started.

  • Zero footprint as no installation required on Database or Forms server. Can be installed on a Windows Server in your datacenter or a Window PC sitting in the warehouse.

  • Smart data caching to minimize load on transactional systems

  • Ability to control data refresh rates to minimize database impact

  • Flexible setup to use with any ERP using an Oracle or SQL Server database

Push Visualizations to Virtually Unlimited Number of Screens

  • Ability to manage all screens remotely

  • Viewing screens are independent of Operating System and can be viewed on a browser on Windows, Linux or Mac

  • Supervisors can view data on mobile or tablets

  • Leverage parametetrized queries/widgets to deliver only relevant data to different locations or users

  • Manage delivery of sensitive information to managers and executives using a secure role-based login

  • Timed Visual paging to any screen to display corporate or team messages

Examples of Usage

  • Warehouse or Shop Floor:

    • Monitor Inbound processes
    • Monitor Outbound processes
    • Worker productivity Leaderboards
    • Display Safety Signs
  • Retail Locations to view orders, returns, stock, etc

  • Supervisor desktops, laptops, tablet or mobile devices

  • Screens in office area or break rooms for Corporate or Team Building messages