A major focus in order fulfillment operations is managing supply vs. demand, specifically prioritizing and reserving high-profile orders. For distribution centers, we understand that not all customer orders are created equal and supply can’t be taken for granted. This is an ideal solution for companies looking for better visibility, flexibility, and controls into order reservations, maximizing sales demand, and reducing priority order shortages.

Solution Highlights

  • Provides a simplified alternative to Available to Promise (ATP) systems that can achieve objectives for a majority of companies without excessive complexity and master data maintenance. 
    • A combined Automated / Manual approach, where simple decisions are automated by the system, while complex orders are highlighted with relevant data for Customer Service to make informed decisions.
  • Automated System that matches supply to demand based on configurable rules.
  • System pulls supply data from stock-on hand, incoming requisitions, incoming purchase orders, and scheduled work orders
  • System pulls demand data from sales orders, unconsumed customer forecast, and manual inventory reservations
  • Built-in automation rules, including prioritization by customer, customer tiers, order types, item, and item category
  • Visibility into Supply vs. Demand, Order vs. Forecast, Requested Ship Date vs. Planned Ship Date, Orders Available to Reserve, and Orders Reserved Pending Shipment
  • Ability to override automation rules, manually giving stock to an order
  • Ability to reserve stock in advance of actual stock on-hand
  • Allows for reservations based on a variable time fence


  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Reduces manual processes and decision making through automated rules
  • Expedites allocation of product in short supply
  • Provides real-time visibility into supply vs. demand imbalances
  • Added flexibility by reserving stock against future, forecasted demand and unreceived purchase orders
  • Increased customer satisfaction by prioritizing high profile orders and customers