Improving Business Processes, Limiting Expenses and Maximizing Productivity

Supply Chain Optimization Workshop with Inyxa & JBF Consulting

Inyxa and JBF are proudly partnering together, combining niche, in-depth experience in warehousing and WMS coupled with extensive experience in transportation and TMS to provide a compelling service offering for any company looking to improve their warehousing and logistics operations and technology.

It is as important as ever to look for internal opportunities that can curb the uncertainty today AND define a more efficient tomorrow. A focus on improving business processes, limiting expenses, and maximizing productivity can help get us through tough times while leading to a better future.

For supply chain operations specifically, there is no better time than now to look internally at ways to adapt to industry trends, incorporate new business requirements, and implement process changes that will lead to productivity gains, less mistakes, and happier customers. Disrupting daily operational routines to enact new strategies is not a simple task, let alone knowing where to start or how to determine the biggest opportunities for improvement. 

We are offering a virtual Supply Chain Optimization Workshop for you to bring your business and IT teams together to understand where the biggest opportunities lie within your supply chain operations, review the current state of your SCM applications, and create a roadmap to more efficient and automated systems and processes. The solutions proposed as a result of this workshop will be educational and transformational in nature, highlighting gaps and offering suggestions with proven leaders in the supply chain industry.

There really is no better time than now.

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    “We initially engaged Inyxa because we were looking for help with optimizing our distribution center operations within the new facility we had recently taken occupation.  Their expertise in Oracle E-Business Suite and supply chain solutions made them a great fit as they were able to focus on our IT systems and our operations all at the same time. We asked them to share both Oracle base functionality as well as custom solutions.  They were able to clearly delineate both, and were able to help us better implement the tools that we already owned to fit within our operational footprint. 

    It’s great that they have considerable experience with supply chain best practices, putting my manufacturing and distribution teams at ease. The way they led meetings, listened to my team, and came up with solutions, brought everyone together from both the business side and IT which resulted in better on-time performance, accuracy, and labor efficiency. 

    The collaborative approach they presented proved additionally effective as our IT team was supported and engaged throughout the process – a gap that many consulting groups have not been able to bridge. We have now worked with Inyxa on multiple workshops in different areas of our business and see them as a key strategic partner for us as we leverage our core operating platforms to grow our business.”   

    Ryan Plotkins, COO, MD Building Products


    “JBF Consulting brings decades of valuable experiences and an amazing wealth of knowledge in the TMS space. I would highly recommend JBF for any implementation needs to get it right from the start.”   

    – IT Project Manager, Alcon, a global Medical Products company

    Could you benefit from:

    • Understanding your operational metrics and see where you compare to other operations in your industry?
    • Assessing various WMS systems based on your environment, budget, and scope?
    • Building a Supply Chain Systems roadmap that focuses on both short-term easy fixes and long-term transformational changes? 
    • Defining a roadmap of more visibility, flexibility, and control across your supply chain processes?
    • Uncovering opportunities to lower operational costs while maximizing efficiency?
    • Understanding how to best implement industry mandated changes?
    • Assessing benefits of scanning technology for receiving, shipping and manufacturing? 
    • Understanding how you can pick, pack, and ship quicker with less mistakes AND less labor? 
    • Assessing how your ERP can be the centerpiece to complex integrations with automation, IoT sensors, and other next-level technology?
    • Exploring ROI for other value-added solutions? 

    Inyxa and JBF have a team of supply chain management consultants ready to listen to your business needs, advise on opportunities, and help define a better future state in your facilities and across your supply chain.

    Our 3-step Process

    Step 1:

    Fill out a short questionnaire tailored to questions specific to you that will help us to: 

    • Determine size and scale of your warehouse and manufacturing facilities 
    • Determine type of products make and how you ship
    • Determine volume, weight, number of SKUs, and order lines shipped
    • Determine applicable metrics tracked
    • Assess productivity pain points 
    • Identify key personnel 
    • Identify supply chain partners

    Step 2 

    Our team will schedule a virtual workshop. A detailed agenda based on your responses to the Questionnaire will be finalized, which will include time requirements from your various personnel. Management representation from IT, Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Shipping is required. 

    Areas of the assessment will include: 

    • Inbound processes 
    • Outbound processes 
    • Warehouse functions 
    • Manufacturing planning processes
    • Manufacturing execution processes
    • Shipping accuracy 
    • Inventory accuracy 
    • Labor Activity
    • Productivity metrics

    Step 3 

    Recommendations for a better future-state and a presentation of results as deliverables. The presentation will include an estimated ROI for any enhancements, including potential for improvement in capacity planning, inventory accuracy, increased throughput, reduction in inventory obsolescence costs, increased space utilization, reduction in labor costs, reduction in mis-shipments, maximized integration with hardware equipment, and more.

    Founded in 2008, Inyxa is a Global Supply Chain Solutions firm specializing in consulting, implementations & solutions centered around warehousing and order fulfillment process improvement projects. With extensive expertise in supply chain best practices, operational consulting, and software development, Inyxa is specifically designed to partner with businesses who are looking to optimize their warehousing and order fulfillment operations.
    Founded in 2003, JBF Consulting is a supply chain execution strategy & systems integrator to logistics-intensive companies of every size & any industry. Their background & deep experience in the field of packaged logistics technology implementation positions JFB as industry leaders whose craftsmanship exceeds their client expectations. JBF expedites the transformation of supply chains through logistics & technology strategy, packaged & bespoke software implementation, & analytics & optimization. For more information, visit at