Discover, Address and Maintain Supplier Data Information

Reduce transactional workload

One central location for your entire corporate to access your approved suppliers. Reduce unnecessary new supplier onboarding and ensure complete visibility

Improve supplier relationships

Provides the ability to manage through a collaborative system your supplier relationships. Access to information and delegate data input to your supplier base

Store critical data & ensure compliance

Collect prospective supplier information, assessing compliance and risks while integrating approved partners to your platform and supply chain


Navigating new supplier relationships can be complex. Without a clear system in place to onboard and develop those partnerships, you risk losing valuable business and sacrificing profit margins. Onboard your suppliers before you start working together to help both parties set off on the right foot.

Efficiently conduct business with your Suppliers

Easy Registration & Updates

                  • Add new suppliers & update supplier data
                  • Enable self-serve to allow supplier to update their own data
                  • Ensure that all supplier profiles are accurate and always up to date

Approved Vendors Lists (AVLs)

                  • Automatically track and store each supplier’s approval status and other critical supplier information
                  • Ensure AVLs are up-to-date and available across the organization
                  • Effortlessly monitor and maintain AVLs
                  • Make all records and documentation related to each supplier easily accessible to the relevant people

Key Features:

                  • Easy to use email templates to invite suppliers
                  • Efficient web forms to collect supplier information
                  • Ability to route collected forms through a workflow to get necessary approvals, and get supplier onboarding completed