Identify suppliers’ performance gaps to achieve your desired levels

Avoid Supply Chain risk & disruptions

Assess and track supplier risks, compliance, performance, and other key metrics in a streamlined and efficient manner. Identify, measure, and monitor the compliance status of suppliers in a systematic manner

Protect & improve reputation

Intelligently track and measure supplier performance in real-time. Compare real-time supplier performance with standard KPI’s to identify variances in supplier partnerships

Segment & rank suppliers

Apply industry proven metrics for measuring and improving supplier’s performance to drive your business’s operations and profits. Utilize tools to evaluate, score, and rank suppliers across a variety of categories such as compliance and reliability

Benefits to Your Company

Analysis and management of Supplier Performance can cut costs, alleviate risks, drive continuous improvement, and ultimately increase end‑user satisfaction. By incorporating supplier data information into assessments and reports, deep insight can be gained into how each supplier impacts the business.

Discover performance issues before they go unresolved

Supplier Scorecarding

            • Collect and track data throughout the supplier scorecard process
            • Create permanent records around supplier-related quality events, such as SCARs, supplier deviations and non-conformances.
            • Ensure your suppliers maintain an acceptable level of quality by measuring their performance and rating them in a consistent fashion based on objective metrics.
            • Help identify and mitigate risk, evaluate supplier performance and determine supplier quality ratings.

Comprehensive Supplier Intelligence

            • Supplier dashboard reveals your relationship with every supplier. Track total spend with a supplier, proposals submitted, active active and purchase order history
            • Monitor supplier parts issues and make informed, risk-based quality decisions by gaining greater access to quality-related data.
            • Generate pre-configured reports or develop custom reports to evaluate supplier performance
            • Automatically tracks and stores supplier information from audits, deviations, CAPAs
            • Allows for inspection of product before shipping, creating NCAR, CAR, and other corrective action plans

Supplier Quality 

            • Embeded Non-Conformance Report & Supplier Corrective Action
            • Ontime info can be synced from ERP, or entered directly in SRM portal
            • Compliance with regulatory environment
            • Intelligently measure Need by Date vs. Supplier Promise Date; Promise Date vs. Actual Delivery Date
            • Provides quality information in a centralized repository and make it easy to find suppliers that meet audit requirements