Supply Chain Analytics

Inyxa now offers Supply Chain Analytics as part of its exceptional services portfolio. The service is meant to help you adapt your supply chain to today’s evolving business and economic landscape. We focus on activities that will help you make effective data-driven, long-term strategic decisions impacting your global operational processes, systems, and assets.

The growing practice focuses on supply chain design, transportation modeling, supply chain visibility and reporting capabilities.

Supply Chain Design

Supply chain design is about determining the optimal footprint for your overall network. An efficient and balanced supply chain design can greatly reduce manufacturing, inventory, and transportation costs. Inyxa can help answer questions such as:

How many DCs, plants and production lines do I need? Where should they be located? How big should they be?

What is the cost and service impact of changes in my network, (e.g., new DCs, closed plants and/or new ports-of-entry)?

What is the impact of changes in demand, operating cost and commodity pricing on my network (e.g., risk assessment)

Which products should be stored in which location in my multi-tier network?

What is the best use of my hubs and cross-docks?

Transportation Modeling

Transportation modeling is an effective practice that can create opportunities for better customer satisfaction while reducing costs. We consider details such as individual shipment sequencing, routings, and order fulfillment trends. Our transportation modeling services can help answer questions such as:

What are the most efficient routes for these pickups and deliveries?

What are the impacts of new business rules, (e.g., time windows and service times, on costs and service)?

Comparatively, are you paying too much for your transportation services?

Supply Chain Visibility and Reporting

Supply chain visibility and reporting is about getting the right information in front of the right people to make the right decisions. Capturing data in real-time, combining and modeling data, can lead to powerful insights and easier strategic planning. Inyxa can help you answer questions such as:

Are you providing the service your customers want and are you charging them enough for it?

Are you getting the visibility you need into your operations?

How do I improve product availability and on-time delivery?