Improve your warehouse operations based on collaborative decisions

Provide strong transparency & visibility across your Supply Chain

Collaborate in real time with suppliers and contract manufacturing organizations across multiple processes & systems, while extending and promoting visibility across your entire supply chain

 Eliminate time & effort with product innovation drive

Facilitate better management of inbound supply chain, items and documents, effectively lowering total landed cost for goods and services, while supporting best practices and visibility

Reduce time & effort in the warehouse daily operations

Efficiently and accurately capture data and track goods throughout the inbound supply chain process in the daily warehouse operations, empowering a faster & smarter workforce

Streamline Supplier Workflow

Gain complete visibility between manufacturers & suppliers to improve warehouse receiving capabilities.  Collaborate effectively across the supply chain with improvements in speed, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

 Streamline Inbound Manufacturing and Warehouse operations with Suppliers

Collaborate with suppliers on shipments 

      • Allow easier compliance with industry labeling requirements, and save on re-labeling costs
      • Ability to push item, case & pallet labels to supplier
      • Ability for supplier to generate Advanced Shipment Notices (ASNs)
      • Collect data from suppliers per shipment to enable anti-diversion strategies

         Simplify Supplier Connectivity

      • Provide visibility to suppliers for managing customer demand and outbound flow
      • Intelligent packing and shipping configurations based on the receiving organization’s requirements
      • Drive supplier innovation and process improvements through exchange of ideas
      • Provides suppliers the ability to view open purchase orders and select items for shipment

         Advanced Labeling Process

      • Reduce receiving time in warehouse by leveraging express receiving functionality
      • Generated labels are pushed to supplier browser as a PDF file
      • Design labels directly from a web browser with no need of additional software
      • Support for wide variety of barcode formats and data elements including data from purchase orders, supplier & item records, country of origin information