Supply Chain Consulting

Modern supply chains are tasked with becoming more collaborative, complex and global, challenged to work together to source, manufacture and deliver on various customer demands. A resilient and proactive supply chain is meant to respond efficiently to volatile economic climates, consumer trends and unexpected operational disruptions, creating competitive advantages and growth opportunities, while limiting risk and other negative impacts.

In fact, many successful companies today believe that their supply chain is the single most important factor across their organization, impacting revenue, brand reputation, acquisition strategies, labor productivity, and security. The concern is that a majority of these operations are not set up properly to respond to some of the changes necessary that call for visibility, speed, and flexibility in their supply chain.

Inyxa’s supply chain consulting practice helps organizations optimize their supply chain by combining industry expertise and best practices, creating solutions that provide successful results and long-lasting partnerships.

Why Inyxa

Inyxa’s Supply Chain Consulting Team offers the experience, flexibility, and insight that allows our customers to overcome roadblocks, and create competitive advantages, through operational expertise and dynamic solutions.

We combine strategy, industry expertise, and the latest technology trends with a diligent and honest approach to our partnerships that create long-lasting and trusting relationships. When teaming up with Inyxa, our customers have access to some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable resources in the industry along with an innovative software development team. We are small enough to care, and large enough to deliver.

Our Offerings 

Supply Chain Strategy

              • Assess your supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics operations
              • Analyze current business requirements and future trends
              • Prioritize areas of improvement with expected ROI

Warehouse Transformation

              • Review physical flows, movement of material, hardware, and software systems
              • Discuss current business requirements and future goals, provide cost-benefit analysis
              • Deliver short-term, mid-term, and long-term technology and systems road map

 Implementation Services

              • Assess, design, and execute ERP implementations, migrations, and upgrades
              • Analyze various systems based on requirements, providing best-fit graded selection
              • Understand your production and labor metrics compared to industry standards and best-of-breed

Inyxa ConneX

              • Connected enterprise application development from concept to delivery
              • Robust platform for quick development on custom user requirements
              • Inyxa Warehouse Execution Systems (WES): Combining ERP systems with material handling equipment, warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation systems (TMS) and more