A tool designed to expedite the recall management process

For the majority of manufacturers, having a solution to quickly and easily identify recalled or affected inventory, shipments, work orders, and purchase orders is vital to limiting risk and unnecessary costs. Inyxa’s Track & Trace Workbench is a simple and effective software application that provides traceability and tracking of finished goods, shipped orders, internal subassemblies, and purchased components.

Solution Highlights

  • Creates a recall criteria.  This can be a combination of raw material lots, serial numbers, receipt dates, work stations, employees, and more.
  • Collects real-time data against the recall criteria.  System dynamically builds recursive queries to identify affected material, work orders, and shipments.  
  • Ability to track inventory by date, including when product was shipped and to whom
  • Ability to track finished goods by both lot and serial numbers, providing traceability on when items were built, where the inventory is at, and where the items were shipped to
  • Ability to trace product based on manufacturing plant, distribution center, or a combination of facilities
  • Ability to track sub-assemblies on to finished goods, by lot number, serial number, and by date
  • Ability to track receivable items, including by lot number, when they were shipped, how many, and which location they are going to
  • Easy to use search engine, with ability to search based on item, facility, lot number, serial number, supplier, receipt date, work completion date, and shipment date
  • System considers any number of product nesting, where a component part may be used in a sub-assembly, which may be used in a finished good.  The system identifies all affected sub-assemblies, finished goods and customer shipments with a single run. 


  • Speeds up action when recall occurs, reducing the cost of the recall by acting faster and limiting the spread of the defect.
  • Ability to simulate recalls to judge exposure.
  • Simple process to define recall details, including when, what item, and where it came from 
  • Risk reduction of potentially affected items during product recalls
  • Eliminates manual errors
  • Increases regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Increases inventory control