Track Pre-Receipt activity – from Yard check-in, to container unload, segregation, decontamination & staging for receipt into ERP

This solution addresses a challenge often faced at warehouses, managing the inbound flow of supplies and other receivables entering a facility prior to the unloading process. This is a common gap, where trucks can often sit for hours at a dock door, wasting valuable time and can lead to unnecessary charges. Providing the warehouse visibility and better controls into the truck check-in process before any formal receipts are key to an efficient inbound operation.

Solution Highlights

  • Visibility dashboard (inside the warehouse) of all inbound truck activity prior to receipt
  • Provides an ability to check-in trucks and trailers
  • Includes mobile e-signature capability 
  • Built-in reports, allows tracking of various KPIs including:
    • Time between “Inbound Truck Check-In & Unload” 
    • Time between “Unload and Received”
  • Ability to track notes by Trailer, Time of Truck Arrival, and Time Required for Unload
  • Provides ability to assign trucks to receiving docks
  • Mailroom Package Handling:
    • Ability to receive Mailroom packages
    • Track receipt & Delivery 
  • Customizable workflow for Inbound Material Handling Processes
  • Integration with ERP to automatically display completed receipts


  • Creates mechanism to track inbound operational metrics
    • Tracking Dock to Stock Time 
    • Tracking wait time for inbound trucks
  • Tracking complex workflow for inbound material 
    • Returned Material that needs to be Sanitized prior to receipt
    • Supplier Material that needs to be tested prior to receipt  
    • Early visibility into POs on dock
    • Ability to prioritize order in which receipts in ERP are processed
  • Ability to track Mailroom activity 
    • Track Mailroom Packages, Non Inventory Goods
    • Workflow for Confirmed delivery to end user
  • Visibility and real-time notifications into inbound truck check-ins