In our fast-paced, rapidly evolving supply chain industry, technology and automation are at the forefront of strategic internal discussions regarding process improvement opportunities. These forward-thinking companies are leveraging modern technology, investing to better serve their customers and gain a competitive edge. Many businesses today are incorporating Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Systems (TMS), Labor Management Systems, and automated material handling equipment, to name a few, into their warehouse operations. 

The question becomes, “How do I maximize the return on my warehouse technology investments?” 

At Inyxa, we have targeted this common question head-on, taking warehouse technology to a new level with our Warehouse Execution Systems (WES). Through Inyxa’s WES, we can orchestrate all warehouse activity and incorporate all disparate systems on one centralized platform, to allow for ultimate warehouse visibility, flexibility, and control. 

Our WES systems are built for high-speed, highly complex order fulfillment in any environment and any industry. From high-speed parcel operations in e-retail, to high volume wholesale distribution in LTL/TL operations, Inyxa’s innovative approach to solving business challenges through modern technology allows for a system that is both quick to deploy and configured uniquely to each customer’s needs.

Four Pillars to Inyxa’s Warehouse Execution Systems

Wave Planning

  • Visibility and management of all outbound demand 
  • Selectively build waves to balance pick and pack lines
  • Plan waves based on customer, order type, or shipping schedule

Labor Activity Tracking

  • Visibility into all warehouse activity – who is doing what right now, and for how long? 
  • Supervise and change labor activities on the fly
  • Manage task rates and production metrics
  • View activity log of all warehouse personnel

Wave Execution

  • Monitor progress of all pick, pack, and ship tasks
  • Visibility and control of automated material handling equipment tasks
  • Interface with Sortation, ASRS, Carousel, Packing Robots and more
  • Prioritize, release, and manage orders and waves
  • Create wave strategies based on order type and labor requirements
  • Visibility into all order stages and warehouse locations
  • Manage and track all exceptions and alerts

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

  • Built-in real-time analytics and reporting tool that visualizes operational and labor data
  • Push graphics, charts, and KPIs out to remote warehouse screens 
  • Create reports:
    • Where was our time spent?
    • What are my pick rates? Who met our KPIs? How often?
    • What was our downtime?
    • Many more built-in reports


“Inyxa’s Warehouse Execution System allowed for a single application to control our entire shipping execution process, taking all of the complications out of the user’s hands.”

Mike Lowell, Development Manager, Stemilt Growers

Warehouse Execution System Benefits

  • Centralized Control of Multiple Systems

  • Contextual Display of Data for Real-Time Decision Making

  • Easy Coordination of Activities Between Systems

  • Ability to Quickly React to Exceptions and Alerts

  • Visibility into Real-Time Labor Metrics and other Warehousing KPIs

  • Ability to Track Labor Activity in Real-Time

  • End-To-End Tracking of Warehouse Material and Items

  • Better Compliance and Traceability

  • Increased Visibility and Transparency with Supply Chain Partners

  • Increased Flexibility to External Factors

Our Implementation Process

As a supply chain IT solutions leader and software development company, we have spent the past 12+ years perfecting a delivery process for which we owe all of our successful projects. With the understanding that our WES customers’ requirements, systems, and physical environment are considerably different on a case by case basis, a proven process ideal for all scenarios is vital to a successful WES implementation. 

WES Process