Wave Planning Solution

Synchronize your flow of orders to the warehouse with the shipping schedule

The number and types of orders released to the order pickers on warehouse floor are crucial in setting the overall pace for the warehouse.

Release too much product in one wave and you may end up with product reserved down to the locator level for pick released orders that are not currently being worked on.

Release too little product in one wave and your system may not have enough order lines to create an efficient picking route through the warehouse.


  • The solution includes a custom pick release / wave planning workbench that displays orders eligible for pick release along with the ability to select one or more groups of orders.

  • Ability to sort orders based on priority, customer, ship to, carrier etc.

  • Integrate with 3rd party transportation software, to consider only orders that have transportation planned in workbench.

  • Ability to determine pick wave size by pallets, when Inyxa Cartonization module is also installed.


This solution helps to synchronize your flow of orders to the warehouse with the shipping schedule. Key benefits include:

  • Ability to know if any order lines will be backordered before items are pick released.
  • Ability to pick release orders to warehouse based on end shipping schedule. Sequence of arrival of shipping carriers.
  • Ability to easily identify and process rush orders
  • Ability to integrate a transportation management step, so that warehouse considers only planned shipments.

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